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Our Value Verticals

MAHM Group operates through three mutually reinforcing value verticals; Labs, Invest and Advisory.


The Group’s innovation vertical fosters the growth of the Group’s private equity assets (including the equity stakes generated from Advisory). It nurtures and incubates these assets, leveraging the Group’s expertise in identifying emerging opportunities, optimizing operational efficiency, and implementing growth strategies. The aim is to serve as a catalyst for innovation, driving transformative change and sustainability across industries.

MAHM Invest

The Group’s passive investments vertical focuses on strategic and long term investments in public equity, real estate, crypto, and commodities. With a disciplined and research-driven approach, it identifies compelling investment opportunities across these diverse asset classes. The aim is to align with the Group’s long-term value creation objectives, guided by integrity, transparency, and a commitment to delivering sustainable returns.

MAHM Advisory

The Group’s consulting vertical focuses on providing unique angel advisory services. It supports ambitious entrepreneurs and start-ups, helping them maximize their market potential and drive sustainable growth. From market sizing and business development to sustainability strategy and fundraising. These services are delivered in exchange for equity or on a pro-bono basis, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of support and guidance while managing common restraints related to liquidity and cash flow.

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About us

MAHM Group is a dynamic and innovative holding company that was founded in 2016 with a clear dedication to transforming businesses, nurturing entrepreneurship, and driving strategic investments across different industries. With a diversified operation of three value verticals, including MAHM Advisory, MAHM Labs, and MAHM Invest, we are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions and creating long-term value and impact across multiple industries together with our clients and portfolio companies.


“MAHM Group acted as our feet and brain on the ground when we established in Dubai and entered the Middle East, all without us having to pay expensive consultancy fees”

“MAHM Group has really innovated consultancy services and the role of angel advisors for start-ups”

“MAHM Group supported us with financial forecasting and backcasting when preparing for our pre-seed round. This enabled us to close our round to an even higher valuation than what we had planned for initially”

“MAHM Group is an important advisor to us when it comes to sustainability, business development and international growth”

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